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Best Christmas Wines 2022 – Meet our Family!

“As long as we have wine, family holidays will be fine.”

Santa Claus is finally coming to town! And he’s surely bringing some good wines for the holidays… Christmas season is almost here and it’s time for friends and family reunions. Come meet our Christmas wine family, you will discover some of our best recommended wines for the most wonderful time of the year.

This guide will help you find your way inside our Christmas Wine family and choose your favourite festive drink for the 2022 season, for yourself or as a thoughtful gift!

Christmas Wine (2)

Red – Christmas Wine Mom

Home is where the heart is, and the heart of this Christmas wine family is with no doubt its mom, red wine. Red wine truly embodies the Christmas spirit, with its rich taste and deep colours. Our Christmas red wine recommendation is Libres Pensées, a wonderful Languedoc-Roussillon, from the south of France. This red wine is born at the foot of the Cevennes Mountains and inherits, from its terroir, forest flavours such as blueberries, bramble and a light and pleasant herbal and spicy finish. It’s perfect for the tasty main courses of your Christmas dinner.

Our Red Wine recommendations for Christmas 2022:

Libres Pensées – Mas des Cabres

Elegance and character from Southern France.


Saperavi – Wine House Gurjaani

A blackberry ruby with cherry on top!

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Grande Reserva Red – Quinta dos Pocos

Luxury and spice make everything nice…



White – Christmas Wine Dad

Dad can sometimes be silent and aloof, but the whole family knows he has a heart of gold, just like white wine, with its honey golden colourings and light and sweet aftertaste. Our Christmas white wine this year is Pinot Grigio, from Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Its intense strength can take you by surprise, but the sweet and fresh aftertaste makes it reliable and pleasant to the palate, sip after sip. The herbal and fruity aromas of pear and jasmine will leave you feeling safe and cared for, just like a father would. You can enjoy it with fish or cheese platters, but don’t be afraid to pair it with some more structured dishes.

Our White Wine recommendations for Christmas 2022:

Pinot Grigio – Azienda Cantarutti Alfieri

Herbs and fruits on a green grass carpet.



Karlotta – Wasmann Biodynamic wines Villány

A colourful galaxy of natural winemaking

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Kabinette – Hopwood Cellars Winery

A refreshing taste of the New World.



Champagne and Prosecco – Christmas Wine Siblings

What Christmas would it be without children laughing, bickering and running around the house in joy and laughter. Champagne and Prosecco may be siblings, but they have their differences, never tell them they look the same!

For Champagne, you can’t go wrong with a bottle of Les Hautes Prières, a wonderful Premier Cru Champagne all around. It brings great elegance and freshness to the table, and its Chardonnay grapes gift it their unmistakable citrus flavours.

Prosecco may be the younger sibling, but don’t let its sunny disposition fool you. Prosecco Valdobbiadene Ville d’Arfanta is an elegant and powerful wine, carrying notes of exotic fruits such as pineapple or banana. The perfect companion for your appetizers.

Our Sparkling Wine recommendations for Christmas 2022:

Les Hautes Prières – Champagne Roger-Constant Lemaire

Blanc de Blancs, champagne through and through!


Harmonie 1er Cru Brut – Champagne Naveau

A golden Chardonnay and Pinot blend.


Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore – Ville di Arfanta

Exotic elegance, your appetizers await!


Prosecco Treviso DOC Extra Dry

Lively bubbles for bubbly holidays.

Prosecco-500x938 (1)

Rosé – Christmas Wine Aunt

Our cool aunt is rich, lives in New Zealand and always comes to visit for Christmas. Inside our Christmas Wine family, she can be nothing other than a light and stylish rosé. Pinot Noir Rosé from The Elder Winery in Martinborough, New Zealand, represents her perfectly. This Rosé Wine is fresh and full-bodied, pale pink in colour and presents rich berries and spice flavours. Sweet but with a twist! Just like our aunt. The Martinborough region is relatively small, but critically acclaimed inside New Zealand’s Wine landscape. Serve well chilled, you won’t regret it!

Our Rosé Wine recommendations for Christmas 2022:

Pinot Noir Rosé – The Elder Pinot

A pale pink dream of New Zealand berries.


Sea of Roses – Casal Sta Maria

Get ready to sleep on a velvet sea of roses.


Inebriante IGT Rosé Sangiovese

Let this rich rosé kiss you with peaches and lychees.


Sweet Wine – Christmas Wine Grandma

We all remember how it went… Mom said “no more sweets”, but grandma was ready to hand us a few more pieces of chocolate behind her back. This should be the true quality of a Christmas Sweet Wine, the heart of a kind grandma, happy to spoil her grandchildren. Our Christmas Sweet Wine of choice for 2022 is Moscatel from the Málaga Virgen winery, in Andalusia. Sun dried grapes are the natural ingredient behind this delicious sweet wine. The dark amber colour and rich and complex mineral notes are exactly what you need at the end of a warm family meal during Christmas time.

Our Sweet Wine recommendations for Christmas 2022:

Moscatel Reserva De Familia – Bodegas Malaga Virgen

A taste of sun dried grapes inside your glass.


Marsala Superiore Dolce 5 anni – Curatolo Arini 1875

Honey and figs make for the perfect mediterranean Christmas atmosphere.


Saussignac – Chateau Lestevenie

Chateau Lestevenie delivers again with this naturally sweet liquid treat.


Spirits – Christmas Wine Grandpa

Of course at our Christmas Wine family table there is space for one more chair. Spirits are grandpa’s specialty. He loves sipping one last small glass of liqueur before dozing off on the chair in front of the fireplace. Our Christmas Spirit recommendation is Zabaione, an egg based liqueur from the italian region of Veneto. This italian egg spirit is fairly popular among many countries in South America as well, in several regional variant. Zabaione perfectly accompanies desserts and savoury chocolates but many nonnas use it inside their home-made recipes.

Christmas & Wine Quotes

We hope you enjoyed getting to know our family. Christmas is truly a blessed time for friends and family reunions. What better way to seal this Christmas Spirit than clinking a toast to our most precious people with a glass of good wine? We have collected some of our favourites Christmas and wine quotes. Note them down to impress everyone at your next reunion or perhaps read and enjoy them to yourself before breathing in some crisp and sweet Christmas spirit.


  • “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, but if the White runs out I’ll drink the red!”
  • “Champagne is appropriate for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.” (Madeline Puckette)
  • “Wine and friends are a great blend” (Ernest Hemingway)
  • “This wine should be eaten, it is too good to be drunk.” (Jonathan Swift)
  • “As long as we have wine, family holidays will be fine.”
  • “Baby It’s COLD outside (come in and have some wine).”
  • “Happiness is like a fine wine, it should be savoured sip by sip.”  (L. Feuerbach)